Beezer Built can beat the prices of most mail order parts stores. Part manufacturers available through Beezer Built include: Holley, Eagle, Scat, Comp Cams, Scorpion Rockers, Fel Pro, Clevite, Trw, Pro Top Line, Manley, AFR, Speed Pro, Cloyes, Dart, etc.



Cylinder head services:

  • Head cleaning and degreasing.

  • Crack detection and repair.

  • Head resurfacing (ultra smooth finish for today's high-tech race engines).

  • Valve guide replacement.

  • Valve seat machining / cutting.

  • Port work with a flowbench (you can not port heads properly without a flowbench).

  • Complete stock or race applications.


Block services:
  • Boring and plate honing.
  • Line hone.
  • Crack repair.
  • Resurfacing.


Crank services:
  • Crack inspection using a Magnaflux.
  • Grinding and polishing.
  • Offset stroking.
  • Welding.


Connecting rod services:
  • Crack inspection using a Magnaflux
  • Big end reconditioning.
  • Pin bushing end reconditioning.


Other services:
  • Flywheel resurfacing.
  • Tig welding.
  • Complete engine balancing.
  • Race engine assembly.



Head Resurfacing

Before resurfacing

The same head after resurfacing.